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This interactive forum is for companies and organizations that are seeking ways to grow with the Hispanic market, or are considering Hispanic marketing and are seeking practical guidance on how to  begin.

Grow Your Sales and Your Business with The Fastest-Growing Demographic

Today, brands must make credible and culturally-relevant approaches to the Hispanic market, the fastest-growing consumer segment, for long-term viability. In fact, Whites will be the minority in the  U.S. by 2042. However, most approaches to connect with the Hispanic market have focused primarily  on language (i.e. translating ads and materials to Spanish), yielding marginal results at best.


Hispanics account for almost half of U.S. population growth

More than half of the U.S. Hispanic population is under the age of 29. 

Hispanics spend 2 hours more per week using their smartphones than all other demographics



During the forum, we will define the Hispanic market opportunity, define the difference between “trans-creation” and “translation,” showcase case examples of successful growth in the Hispanic  market, and offer practical tips for capturing the market in multiple industries.


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ORLANDO - Sept 12

TAMPA - Sept 11

HARTFORD - Sept 20

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How culture plays a more significant role in marketing to Hispanics than language


Dos and Don’ts for marketing to Hispanics 


Why translations fail, and how to “trans-create” your brand 


Where to invest budgets and resources


How to be Hispanic market ready and avoid pitfalls 


Where are Hispanic consumers spending more than non-Hispanics 


Case histories of successful Hispanic marketing campaigns 


How to connect with Hispanics in multiple industries 


The forum will outline:

Learn from a Nationally-Recognized Expert in Hispanic Marketing

Wilson Camelo

With nearly 25 years of experience with national, regional and local for profit and non-profit brands in multiple industries.

President and Chief Marketing Officer

Camelo Communication

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